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Restaurant Insurance

The insurance needs of your restaurant are likely different than those of the restaurant down the street. You might serve alcohol while your neighbor specializes in coffee and pastries. You both need insurance, but what exactly do you need in your policy?

Trust the experts at Paul Richardson Agency to create the right insurance package to address the needs of your particular restaurant. We can help you choose the right insurance to cover:

  • Worker’s compensation
  • Data loss theft
  • Equipment loss
  • Property and inventory damage
  • Commercial vehicle damage
  • Food spoilage
  • Liquor liability

Whether you operate a donut shop, a high-end restaurant, food truck, or bar and grill, Paul Richardson Agency has the know-how to make sure you can operate without the fear of a financial disaster. There is nothing scarier than operating your restaurant while worrying about the potential pain of losing your property or vehicles to a fire or some other catastrophe.

Contact us today, and we'll tailor the right policy for your needs.